The Presbytery
The PresbyteryConservation and Restoration

The Presbytery is a two-storey brick building sited on the corner of Wyndham and Hobson Streets. The Presbytery was built in 1888 to an E. Mahoney and Son design and has served as home to the Cathedral priests and base for community activites for over 125 years.
St Patrick's Presbytery is a Category A heritage building (NZ Historic Places Trust - register number 2645) and the oldest building in Auckland's CBD continuously used as a residence.

A Conservation Plan was prepared for the building by Salmond Reed Architects in 2015.

Conservation work to the Presbytery will include:
  • Structural strengthening
  • Replacing the roof with original slate
  • Weather-proofing and restoring external walls
  • Refurbishing the interior

Work is planned to begin in 2017.