The Square
The Cathedral viewed from the SquareThe second element of the St Patrick's Cathedral and Precinct Project was the upgrade of the Auckland Council-owned St Patrick's Square. 
St Patrick's Cathedral is set within beautiful St Patrick's Square, a unique open space that is often "discovered" as visitors make their way from the harbour towards the City. A hidden jewel with its flowing waters, intimate lawns and garden setting, St Patrick's Cathedral Square is a unique, inner-city oasis providing one of the few green spaces between Albert and Victoria Parks.

In 2001, the Cathedral Project Management Group presented a proposal for the upgrade of St Patrick's Square to the planning staff of Auckland Council. Over the next seven years, discussions were held to refine the details of the original concept that had been presented. Upgrade of the Square commenced in August 2008 and was successfully completed in October 2009.

An ancillary project to provide external lighting of the Cathedral and the Square was completed in September 2011.